Young Traveller Michalea Mitchell presents 'my trailer and me'

1 November 2018
Kids drawing of a colourful wagon with letters written on teh bottom of the drawing saying Gypsy Travellers

11 year old, young Traveller, Michalea Mitchell entered this years Travellers' Times Big Creative Writing & Poetry Competition. Take a look below at this young poets fabulous submission. 


My Trailer and Me

I live on a site

Sometimes there may be a fight

People think it might give me a fright


When I go to school

I miss my little sis

But it’s not always like this

I love to learn but when I write

My hand never burns

When the bell rings everybody sings

‘It’s time to come home’


When I go home I help with dinner

It smells like a winner!

I love my mams cobble

Bacon sausage and cabbage!

It’s a diddle even though it wobbles

I have a full family of seven

I am the oldest girl and I am eleven

My oldest bother Billy is always being silly.


I like my trailer a lot

But sometimes it gets hot!

It’s safe and cosy

It’s my home