Lois Brookes - Jones is hosting an Instagram lecture this week in protest to Ch4 dispatches doc

15 April 2020
Lois Brookes

In protest to the racially charged "The Truth about Traveller Crime" documentary being aired by Channel 4 Dispatches tomorrow at 9 PM Lois Brookes - Jones will be hosting a lecture on her Instagram (which will later be uploaded to Facebook and YouTube) on Roma and Traveller oppression and history on Friday 17th April at 4 pm. 

Questions you would like to be answered in the Q&A segment of her lecture will need to be submitted via her Instagram this evening and tomorrow to be included.

This lecture will also be available after 24 hours in a highlight on her Instagram page and will also be uploaded to Facebook and Youtube for all to watch afterwards.

She will be linking her PayPal for donations in return for providing the educational lecture.  if you feel it's informative and would like to support her work you can make a donation here: https://www.paypal.me/lolobjones

You can watch below a thought-provoking call to action from Lois calling on activist groups to stand in solidarity. This documentary comes at a time where Roma and Traveller's across Europe are being disproportionately impacted by CO-VID 19.