Gypsies and Travellers are filling up foodbanks across the UK

28 November 2018
Foodbank challenge

Gypsies and Travellers have been donating and filling up food banks across the UK as part of the #Foodbankchallange

Travellers' Times news feeds have been swamped with Travellers posting photos and videos of their shopping trolley donations and nominating friends and family on facebook to take on the #foodbankChallange 

Major Marc and Major Shirley McKenzie from the Salvation Army said: "We are so grateful for the donations that we are receiving from the shopping trolley challenge from the Travelling community". 


food bank challenge nominations
food bank challenge nominations

Huge donations have also been left at stores across the country while some are even dropping them into food banks directly, with volunteers saying they have never seen anything like it.

Check out lady

Caroline Todd, manager of the foodbank at King's church, in Darlington, called it a "Christmas miracle" as they had been inundated with donations.

food bank challenge

Travellers' Times hopes the mainstream press pick up on this positive story and acknowledge the charitable work Travellers are doing across the country. 

foodbank challanges

To take part in the challenge simply take a video of you with your donation and nominate friends to do the same using the hashtag #FoodbankNomination

Lisa Smith/TT News