Thank you, Sharon Baxter

3 May 2023
Thank you, Sharon Baxter

Sharon Baxter, who ran the telephone advice line for the Travellers Advice Team, has now retired after 22 years of excellent work as a caseworker for Gypsy and Traveller and boat-welling people at Community Law Partnership (CLP).  Sharon was previously a caseworker and ran some very important cases.  She is the only caseworker at CLP who has won before the European Court of Human Rights (Buckland v UK). 

We wish Sharon all the best in her retirement from all at the Travellers’ Times.

Expert Gypsy and Traveller law lawyer, Chris Johnson (Chris and Marc Willers KC literally wrote the book!) has now stepped also down from CLP and is not taking on any new cases but will continue with his existing cases for the time being.

CLP lawyer Parminder Sanghera is continuing to do her excellent Travellers’ work at CLP and a new recruit to the Housing Team, Samantha Maher, will also be taking on the occasional boat case.

CLP are confident that they will continue with its excellent work for Gypsies and Travellers and for boat-dwellers into the future.

The Advice Line is no longer in operation and CLP will take calls from Gypsies and Travellers in the areas of work which we deal with (see below) via the switchboard 0121 685 8595.

CLP take on work for Gypsies and Travellers who live in caravans. 

In terms of Gypsies and Travellers who live in caravans, CLP deal with the following cases:-

  • Evictions from encampments/evictions from rented sites
  • Planning cases
  • Allocation of pitches and Homelessness
  • Challenges to policy and statute

CLP also deal with cases for liveaboard boaters, especially cases concerning the so-called Continuous Cruising Guidance.

If you know someone or have a client who comes within these areas then please ask them to phone the CLP switchboard on  0121 685 8595. 

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