Arts Award - young Travellers Get Creative

14 November 2019

Travellers Times and group of young Travellers from Worcestershire having being working on hard a fabulous creative project. The young people were keen to use some exciting new ways to challenge negative perceptions of them and other young people just like them.  

Over several weeks the Rural Media and TT team worked with the group to write a fabulous new poem, create some Graffiti Art, taking inspiration from the Graffiti Art Trail in Birmingham and make this fabulous short film 'Wythall Life Goals'

"We want to let the world know we have goals and ambitions and that Gypsies and Travellers aren't just what you see on the telly in Big Fat Gyspy Weddings and Gypsy Kids" said one young person from the group. 

The young people got a Bronze Art award in recognition of all their hard work.

 “This was a really ambitious and exciting project and we challenged the participants to work really hard and think about art in ways they hadn’t thought about before but these bright young people rose to that challenge and produced some amazing work” said TT's Project Manager Julie Colman " and we are really grateful for the support from The National Lottery Community Fund, Arts Connect and Rooftop Housing Group.

Congratulations to Charlotte, Hughie, Jack, Tallulah, Tristan, Tiegan and Whitney - you've done yourselves and your community proud!   

Interviewing Damian
With collage
Checking the rushes
all masked up
With Candice