Stafford Prison’s Gypsy and Traveller event a great success

4 August 2016

The Gypsy Traveller Prisoner Group at Staffordshire prison recently celebrated Gypsy, Roma, Traveller History Month by holding a special event for prisoners and prison staff.

The event was attended by The Irish Chaplaincy in Britain, the prison campaigning group that was instrumental in driving the increasing spread of Gypsy and Traveller prisoner groups throughout the UK prison service.

The event had music and talks and was supported by a Prison Governor who is the lead for the Gypsy, Roma, Traveller prisoner group.

Speaking to The Traveller’s Times, Kev, the prisoner chair of Stafford prison’s GRT Group, said:

“We only have a small number of Traveller prisoners here at Stafford, but the support we get from the non-Travellers is really good.”

“The creative arts group did us proud, as did the prison band. None of the band were Travellers but that didn’t matter and the band spent a long time learning a few songs for us. We also raised £100 for the local Hospice.”

“I hope that next year someone from The Traveller’s Times can come.”

“I think that every prison should have a GRT group. We get a very bad press and these groups help other people to understand our way of life and culture. It also helps to break down barriers between prison officers and Travellers.”

“In this prison, the staff go the extra mile to help and understand all cultures and religions.