Coronavirus: physical and emotional health and self isolation

30 June 2020
Coronavirus:  physical  and  emotional health and self isolation


What has coronavirus brought to the world at large and what has it brought to our individual core ?  ... writes Irish Traveller author Lúile Poilin

It was almost as if the world over night was hit with a pestilence much greater than anyone could have ever predicted . The loss of precious life greatly effected our mental health , weather that death was on a Personal level or an emotional grievance for another soul lost .  

We have lived a life that could only have come from a fictional book . We were not ready mentally , physical or emotional for the self isolation we were expected to call the new norm ! We all went into this worried, frightened and unaware what the months that lay ahead would ask from us individually.

The physical impact it had on many people was a better one ! People for the first time looked at walking or jogging not as just an exercise but an escape from the confinement of their own homes . We would look at it as if it was an indulgence to have a stroll on your own or with another member of your household. As we began to crave the great outdoors we slowly took in the beautiful scenery that we had greatly took for granted or maybe we just didn’t have the time to stop and smell the roses due to our extreme schedules that consist of  work, the gym, weekends in, nights out, shopping trip, visiting family, kids sports, commitments, and many more things we have filled our very lives with . We physically were taught to slow down and appreciate what is important.  

The more we self isolated the more we realised we had to deal with a little more of  ourselves and our emotions that maybe needed to be reviewed. We began to bring to light what was put on hold in the back of our minds . For some they realised there was work to be done on their relationships or family life . Emotion at times ran deep and we saw this in each other which has caused us to become more compassionate towards one another . Emotional pain of losing control of our lives to a virus was never a thought never mind coming to terms with the reality of it .

I think this coronavirus has made us rethink a lot of things in our lives and how a day can truly make a difference.  

Love light and peace Lúile Poilin