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Fondamenta Zattere allo Spirito Santo 417
30123 Venice

FUTUROMA is an official Collateral Event of the 58th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, promoted by the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC). While FUTUROMA marks the third time Romani artists are presented in the Biennale Arte, it is the first time the initiative is led by Roma themselves, striving for a permanent presence at the world’s most prestigious contemporary arts event.  

Multicultural, multinational, multilingual, multireligious and transnational Roma community of over 12 million across Europe does not fit into the narratives of the national pavilions and thus Romani arts remain invisible to the majority audiences. More importantly, with the European Parliament elections on the horizon the Roma represent a powerful reminder of the importance of the European project, reinforcing a sense of unity and solidarity beyond the national boundaries. FUTUROMA is a groundbreaking contemporary exhibition gathering works by 14 Romani artists from 8 countries, ranging from 27 to 94 years old. Deeply rooted in the past but projected onto the future, the works on show propose an alternative vision of the here and now of the Roma community re-interpreting its traditions and collective past while highlighting the belonging and contributions of Roma as citizens of Europe and integral parts of the national cultural landscapes.

For more info please download PR_FUTUROMA.pdf.