Hull - Gypsy and Traveller exhibition at Streetlife Museum

18 July 2023
Hull - Gypsy and Traveller exhibition at Streetlife Museum

If you are near Hull, then make sure you go to see a new exhibition celebrating local Gypsy and Traveller heritage, which is now open at the city’s Streetlife Museum.

The permanent exhibition - complete with a life-sized model of a piebald horse - has been carefully created with members from local Gypsy and Traveller communities, and with extensive support from York Travellers Trust.

Violet Cannon, Chief Executive of York Travellers Trust said that she was pleased to have been involved in this work, adding that the Museum had been receptive to the Trust’s thoughts and ideas.

“We have been allowed the freedom to create something that we can be proud of,” said Violet Cannon.

“I am especially proud that this will be a permanent display.”

Robin Diaper, Curator of Maritime & Social History, said that the project had been a great opportunity to bring a previously hidden history into their galleries. 

“Once we started looking and learning from our partners, we found that connections to Gypsy and Traveller history ran deep in Hull and surrounding regions,” said Ron Diaper.

“With the strong connection to horses as well, the upstairs galleries at Streetlife were the natural home for this project,” he added. 

“We’re extremely grateful to all contributors and their generosity in sharing this heritage.”

Portfolio holder for culture and leisure, Councillor Rob Pritchard, also welcomed the display-

“Our city museums are there for everyone and celebrate the rich histories we all share as a community,” said Cllr Pritchard. 

“This is such an evocative and interesting addition to the Streetlife Museum.”

Hull City Council press release/TT News

(Lead photo: Joe and Corinna Windas – key contributors to the exhibition; photo courtesy of Hull City Council)

The Streetlife Museum is in the Museums Quarter on High Street in Hull’s Old Town, near Hull and East Riding Museum and Wilberforce House, next to the River Hull.  Opening hours are 10:00am-4:30pm Mon-Sat, 11:00am-4:00pm Sun.  Admission is free, with no prior booking required.