How to care for your horse – the Romany Gypsy and Traveller way

14 August 2020
How to care for your horse – the Gypsy and Traveller way

Travellers’ Times to publish films on horse care, made by horse charity Redwings in conjunction with Gypsy and Traveller people.

Redwings Horse Sanctuary, a horse charity with a mission to protect and promote welfare of horses, has produced the series of eight films with a variety of horse owners at Appleby Horse Fair and beyond to share tips and best practice to help horses.

The series of eight films feature Gypsy and Traveller horse owners discussing diverse horse care topics such as safe tethering, the use of a swingletree and the law on microchipping. Every week, for the next eight weeks, the Travellers’ Times will be publishing these wonderful Redwing films in our ‘features’ section on our website. When we have published them all, we will then include all the films together in the ‘advice’ section of our website.

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“Horses are as important to Gypsy and Traveller identities today as they have been historically. As with other cultures of horse ownership there is experience and expertise that helps people keep horses in great condition as well as common practices that can harm them,” say Redwings.

“What may feel like common knowledge to some, may be brand new to others,” they add.

The charity says that the project has also been a great way to grow our understanding and tackle negative stereotypes that actively undermine horse health and welfare.

The first film – on safe tethering – will be published in the Travellers’ Times next week. So watch this space!

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(Picture: Horse Drawn Traveller, Mala Benkinsop, explains to Redwings how you can make sure a horse is comfortable on the tether)

if you are concerned about the welfare of a horse. Including guidance and support issues such as worming, thin horses, infectious diseases and poisonous plants.

Call Redwings on: 01508 481008