'Our horses are workers and our men are hawkers' by Tina Purcell

19 September 2018
Tina Purcell

12 year old, Irish Traveller  Tina Purcell was a finalist in this years Travellers' Times Big Creative Writing & Poetry CompetitionTake a look below at this young poets fabulous entry.

'Our horses are workers and our men are hawkers' 

Travellers do travel to find even gravel and most of all to keep tall and proud.

We love to be free like the birds and the bees.

And do boxing and dancing and even romancing.

Our horses are workers and our men are hawkers.

Our mothers are bakers and even dress makers.

Our hairs are long and our wagons belong.

We go to mass in carriage and our bacon and cabbage would turn you into a savage.

But don’t be afraid be very brave.

All we want to be is to saved from houses and crowds who put us all down.

 Then we will be happy till the grave.

by Tina Purcell