Winners announced for Travellers' Times Big Creative Writing & Poetry Competition!

29 August 2018

We have had a fantastic response to the Travellers' Times Big Creative Writing & Poetry Competition from young Gypsies, Roma and Travellers all over the UK.

We invited the young people to put their pen to paper and write an original tale or poem on the theme of ‘Home’ in 500 words or fewer.

Our entries ranged from filmed poetry - check out the great video above submitted by Roma Futures - to handwritten poetry and short stories with pencil illustration.

The judging was done by an independent panel and six finalists in each age category were selected and put forward for judging by award winning Author and Scottish Traveller Jess Smith.

She was tasked with selecting three winners in each of the two age categories 

“Very clever minds have put each of these together, young people who have a vision of a brighter future than their parents had.”

Jess Smith was so impressed by all the finalists that she decided that they all should be given acknowledgement.

“I enjoyed reading the young people's words. I thought as so much work had been put into them I would like to take 'one liners' from each and from these I awarded the 1st/2nd/3rd. However I'd like to see all of the finalists commended for their 'one liners”.

Travellers' Times wants to say a big thank you and well done to all of the young people who sent in their stories and poems. 

1st place a prize of £50 in book vouchers each are awarded to:

‘The moors are the closest thing I have to a home’ Ruby Smith

‘I love the person I trust’ - Sabina Scukova 


2nd place a prize of a £25 in book vouchers each are awarded to:

‘I love to learn but when I write my hand never burns’ - Michalea Mitchell 

‘See you tomorrow my dear friends’ - Isabella Stewart 


3rd prize of £10 in book vouchers each are awarded to:

‘I just want to make more friends to be honest’ – Tom Berry 

‘Home smells like mince and tatties’ - Scarlett Hughes 



'All we want is to be saved from house and crowds'-Tina Purcell

'Lots of laughing lads and lassies'- John Cook

'I hate it when I can't open the gate'- Jimmy Purcell

'Home is full of freedom and fun.' -  Anneilese Williamson

'My home is where my family is'- Jan Skop

'We like to help people if they need help'- Svetlana Scukova