Coronavirus - What is Test, Track and Trace?

24 June 2020

We have been asked what Test, Track and Trace means...

  • If you have a fever, a new, continuous cough or a change to sense of smell or taste, you can ask for a test. The test is free and there are enough for everyone – just call 119 or go to
  • You can choose a test at a centre or a kit you do at home and post back.
  • You’ll hear back in a day or two. If you have coronavirus, you’ll need to stay home and avoid contact for a week. People in your home will need to stay home and avoid contact for two weeks.
  • You’ll be asked to speak to a “contact tracer” to ask you about anyone you have been close to recently.
  • Another “contact tracer” will then speak to them to simply let them know they have been close to the virus - they won’t give your name unless you let them
  • If people are told they’ve been close to the virus, they will be asked to stay home and avoid contact for two weeks.
  • The virus is new – you can have it, give it to others, even if you seem well. Only the test is certain - only if we protect others if we might have it, can we stop it.
  • Test-Track-Trace isn’t new – it’s what has been used before to control other diseases like measles, and other countries are now using it after controlling Covid-19  so that they can stop another outbreak.

More info is available on the NHS website here