Picturing the meaning of home at Atchin Tan

18 July 2023
Picturing the meaning of home

The ‘Atchin Tan’ space at Glastonbury Festival in June 2023 included an inclusive research project by Professor Jo Richardson. People were asked to stop and think about what ‘home’ meant to them and to take a photograph or draw a picture accompanied by a few explanatory words. Lots of people joined in over the four days, including Emily Eavis, the head of the Festival organisation, when she visited the space.  It was not only Travellers that engaged with the project, visitors to the Atchin Tan space included people who wanted a moment to reflect on home and identity and families who wanted to do something creative.

Emily Eavis
Emily Eavis, left, takes part in Home and Identity. Photograph courtesy of Jo Richardson

Jo said “It was really interesting to engage people in thinking about home. The majority of key words and themes emerging were similar across a diverse range of people – showing that what humans need is a space that is affordable and safe where they can be free to be themselves.  I’ve been a housing researcher, with a particular focus on Gypsy and Traveller accommodation issues for over 20 years, I really enjoy taking a co-productive and creative approach in my work.  Everyone on the ‘Atchin Tan’ space has been incredibly welcoming and supportive; it’s been a lot of fun”.

Atchin Tan
The words people used when describing home on the Home and Identity photo-board

Professor Jo Richardson/TT News

(Lead photo: Jo Richardson and the Atchin Tan photo-voice board (c) TT News)