STOP PRESS - Adventure Island apologises after 'traveller invasion' Facebook post

8 September 2020
Traveller invasion

Adventure Island UK  apologises for it's "racist" Facebook post that claimed it had to close its Southend based attractions following a 'traveller invasion'.

The u-turn came after intense lobbying from Gypsies, Travellers and supporters, a hate crime complaint to the police and a complaint to the Equalities Watchdog.

In a statement just released to the Travellers' Times, a spokesperson for Adventure Island said:

"I have spoken with our management team who have confirmed that the following will be posted to our Social Media platforms very shortly:

After careful reflection, we as a company apologise whole heartedly for any unintentional offence caused by our post.

We understand that the vast majority of the traveller population are hard working and decent individuals.

It’s such a shame that a small minority act unlawfully, causing disruption for both the travelling community and the community at large.

Adventure Island has and always will be a place that embraces diversity.  

Again we reiterate we are very sorry for any offence caused."


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