Film Premiere - Wrestling With My Roots - New Documentary by Travellers' Times

7 December 2018

We are pleased to present "Wrestling With My Roots" the new documentary from Travellers' Times online. This is the first in a series of exclusive short films made by TT online. 

On the on the 6th December "Wrestling With My Roots" was selected to open the Ake Dikhea? Festival of Romani Film in Berlin.

Film Info

WRESTLING WITH MY ROOTS is an observational documentary about tradition, bucking expectation, and pursuing your passion without losing your identity. Its subject, Chris Royles, is a Romany Gypsy and professional wrestler from rural Herefordshire in England. Royles hails from a traditional family of fighting men, but has chosen a slightly different path into combat sports. Following Chris' journey from soft-spoken everyman to Romany wrestling hero at one of his local shows, this film celebrates his close family ties, his independent wrestling company, and the individuality he shows while maintaining proud Romany roots. 

Directed by Charles Newland

Stay tuned to Travellers' Times online, for more exclusive video content being released over the upcoming months.