Top tips for filming on a smartphone

19 September 2018
Young people in school uniform filming

In the past few years there have been a lot of changes to how journalists make and break news stories. Thanks to mobile technology most of us have a video camera in our pocket so you don't need hi-tech equipment to make good-quality videos. 

Film-makers are producing documentaries and feature films on smartphones, and you can do the same. You  can shoot and edit on a smartphone or tablet and a range of other devices which have the features of a smartphone - except the ability to make a call!

Here are some top tips for young reporters filming and editing videos on a smartphone.

  • use airplane mode - you don’t want to be interrupted by calls, messages or alerts
  • battery - start with a full battery and take a portable battery pack
  • storage - videos use a lot of space so make sure you have enough memory
  • focus - lock your focus in place by tapping the screen
  • stability - use both hands, a selfie stick or a portable tripod
  • zoom - move closer, for better quality, rather than using the zoom
  • sound - move closer or use the smartphone headphones as a microphone
  • light - record in a location where there is as much light as possible