Spotlight: Meet TTs Youth Advisory Member Ben Bennett

8 May 2018
Ben bennett

This month the spotlight is on Travellers' Times youth advisory member Ben Bennett.

My name is Ben Bennett I am a 14 year old English Romany Gypsy, I am the youngest in my family.  From as far back as I can remember people have judged me on the basis of my ethnicity and I have experienced negative stereotyping which caused me to leave mainstream education at a young age. But where there is negativity there is always a positive avenue to proceed. I have turned round all the bullying all the negativity into campaigning for a positive change for all ethnicities and I share my experiences with everybody to help educate the need for equality. I am training to be a pilot and enjoy public speaking.My life ambition is to be prime minister and bring about real change and promote children’s futures and end inequality. I live by my motto  Per ardua ad astra "Through adversity to the stars" or "Through struggle to the stars" which my Grandfather always told me, when things were difficult for me.