Traveller Movement needs GTR families to help with guide for teachers

7 February 2017

The Traveller Movement charity is asking for Gypsies, Travellers and Roma families to tell them about their experiences with education and school for a new guide on inclusive teaching for teachers and head teachers and about any experiences they have of home education.

Abi Angus, the TM’s Education and Advocacy Officer, is asking Gypsy, Roma and Traveller families to come forward and help with the two projects.

“Is your child attending a great school?” says Abi, who also writes the regular education advice column ‘Ask Abi’ for The Travellers’ Times.

We are going to be publishing a guide to good inclusive practise for schools, based on Gypsy, Traveller and Roma parent’s views.”

“We’re looking for examples of schools that have great relationships parents, schools that celebrate GTR history month, schools that teach pupils about GTR cultures and parents that are involved in their children’s schools,” she adds.

“We aim to hear from the parents and then, with their permission, approach the school to get teachers’ views on what works and how they have ensured they are inclusive.”

“Do you feel like you have a good relationship with the teachers and that the school staff understand and value Gypsy, Roma and Traveller cultures?”

“We are looking to chat to families and schools about good practise, we want to hear about what is working in your school.”

The TM is also researching community members’ experiences of home education for a separate project, says Abi.

“Are you currently home educating your child? Has your child’s school or the local authority recommended home education to you?” asks Abi.

“We would love to hear about your experiences of home education, please get in touch! We want to hear examples where families felt pressured into taking their children off roll, weren’t informed of exactly what EHE involves or weren’t given options other than EHE after experiencing trouble at school,” she adds.

“It would also be great to hear from families about what resources they have access to if they are currently home educating, what checks they get and if they feel like it’s the right choice for their children.”

If you would be willing to chat to us about either of these matters, please phone Abi or Rosaleen on 0207 607 2002 or email

“We won’t be sharing personal details and won’t contact local authorities about families, anything we do with the research we will explain fully to parents beforehand and they can decide if we use their experiences!”