"For we are the new generation of determined, intelligent and confident youth"......writes Ben Bennett

19 February 2018
Ben Bennett

To mark World Day of Social Justice Travellers' Times shares a powerful testimony from 14 year old, Romany Gypsy Campaigner, Ben Bennett. Reminding us all of a 'new generation of determined, intelligent and confident Gypsy and Traveller youth' who are demanding a society where equality is put first.

My name is Ben Bennett 14 years ago today, I was born into the world, just like everyone else.

But now I know that life is different for me, because of the label that has been fixed to me by people I have never ever met.

This label is meant to restrict me, punish me, single me out and make me feel down.

Bully me, so that I go away and hide me away and lose myself.

But instead, my label has given me strength, ambition, hope and pride.

For my label is worn by millions of people, all over the world.

So, we would like to say every time some people fill their belly’s with hate, we fill our hearts with kindness.

For every time we hear discrimination,our answer is education.

For every time we see prejudice, we demand justice.

For every time we are told to settle for less, we will tell them we want equality.

For we are the new generation of determined, intelligent and confident youth.

We will climb over every barrier, Knock down every brick wall.

And shout at the top of our voices, until it hurts the ears of those who think that Gypsies and Travellers are not equal.

My Grandad said to me If you don’t like the way things are change it, starting at the top.

So here it goes, President Trump, stop dividing your people,start bringing people together.

The United Nations, put an end to the genocide in Myanmar.

Theresa May, stop just talking about equality, put equality first.