Lizzie's Romany bacon pudding

9 July 2009
Lizzie's Romany bacon pudding

Here’s how eleven-year-old Lizzie makes a Bacon Pudding.

Lizzie Hughes' Bacon Pudding

Ingredients: Flour, water, suet, bacon, diced onion.

You need: saucepan, a tea cloth (if it’s new, first soak it in cold water).

Mix the flour, suet and water to make the pastry (put a bit of water in a time - if it’s too much just add more flour). Put flour on the table, roll the pastry into a circle with a rolling pin or a tin can. Put the bacon in the middle with the diced onion on top. Roll it up into a sausage shape; dampen the edges so they stick together then roll the pudding in the damp tea cloth.

Heat water in the saucepan, put a small plate at the bottom of the pan so the pudding doesn’t burn, then cook it for an hour at least.