A Life in Motion – Autism Awareness with Nikki Hughes

30 April 2020

Did you know April is National Autism Awareness Month? To mark the occasion Travellers' Times wanted to share with you a TUMLUT podcast by producer Regina Fisch in conversation with Romani activist, advocate and mother of three Nikki Hughes

This is a must-listen for anyone wanting to find out more about autism. In this podcast Nikki openly shares her experiences on the pathway to her adult diagnosis and discusses her day to day experiences as an autistic person and all the things she wishes people would know about autism – they cover everything from race, ethnicity, culture, ableism, and the importance of community. 

Depending on your personal preference you can listen to the podcast on any of these major podcast platforms,  Spotify  Apple Podcasts  Breaker  Google Podcasts  Overcast and Radio Public. 

You can also follow Nikki on Facebook and Instagram @autisticlifeinmotion. 

Regina Fisch created the Podcast TUMULT to bring new issues to new people around science, art and activism. You can follow TUMULT on Instagram and Facebook @tumultpodcast

Main image: The artwork for this podcast episode was created by @happytoborders