Crystal's Vardo - the Gypsy journey

3 December 2020
Crystal's Vardo

CRYSTAL'S Vardo is a play with a heart, and it's got an important job to do: to show people just how deep the roots of Romany and Traveller history go.

Travellers' Times spoke to the play's writer Suzanna King.

"Crystal's Vardo is about a young Gypsy girl who's been bullied at school," says writer Suzanna. "Crystal runs away from home, but she runs away with her grandfather's vardo and pony, gets lost and finds herself in a school which is rather like the school she ran away from! She has to trust the schoolchildren- the audience- in order to find her way back. She tells the story of who she is, and as she does that their vardo goes back in time," .

"They travel back to about 4900 AD in northern India, right through Traveller history, and eventually they find their way back." 

Romany Gypsies and Irish Travellers are recognised ethnic minorities in the UK. Yet there is still a lack of understanding of these peoples, and their languages have no recognition in the law.

So what's been the reaction to a play that puts Traveller history centre stage?

"All the feedback has been so positive. We’ve had people say that they can’t believe this is happening, how much they enjoy the show, they want it to travel worldwide," says King.

"Crystal’s Vardo will be on the road for the foreseeable future," she says."

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