Gracie Maines wins Young Writers 2020 Creativity Award!

18 February 2020
Gracie holding her certificate

12 year old, Gracie Maines has won a young Writers 2020 Creativity Award for a story she wrote in school. 

Young Writers runs competitions with secondary schools across the UK to promote poetry and creative writing. Gracie was invited to be part of their latest creative writing competition, SOS Sagas: Hunted. This years challenge was to write a mini story told in just 100 words on the theme of 'unted.

The talented writer from Hailsham's story has been chosen for publication in a book showcasing young adults work called 'Hunted Amazing Adventures', which is scheduled for publication on 27th March 2020.

Gracie's story 'The Hunt' will be included in this annual collection of anthologies, featuring writers from all around the UK and has been chosen from over 20,000 entries nationwide. 


Gracies story

Speaking to Travellers' Times, Gracie said, "I feel proud to have accomplished such a big achievement like that. No matter what people say about you, if you believe in yourself you can always do it. Just put what you want in your story and make it what you want."

In a letter to Gracie's parents Young Writers said, "Congratulations to Gracie. It is our hope that this recognition and achievement will encourage her love of writing and inspire her to continue."

Well done Gracie from all of us at Travellers Times!

Grace holding her certificate saying Young Writers 2020 Creativity Award