YTT Reporter Ruby Smith reviews book by Sir Paul McCartney

31 October 2019
Hey Grandude

YTT youth reviewer Ruby Smith shares her thoughts on Sir Paul McCartneys children’s book, Hey Grandude! 

Jennifer Ruby, a journalist at The Daily Mail titled her article on 5th September 2019 as ‘Now Macca really is a Paperback Writer!’ and indeed he is - with his first book published earlier last month, Sir Paul McCartney has broken into yet another form of art, now having written a children’s book, with illustrations by Kathryn Durst.

Inspired by his eight grandchildren, McCartney’s premier book is adventurous, and exciting to everybody - one that I certainly enjoyed despite it being aimed at only slightly younger children than me. 

Having been a fan of his music for a while, I knew that I simply had to have a copy of his first book - and I am so glad that I have!

It is enjoyable, and the illustrations are so colourful that they bring the story to life - kudos to Durst, there.

The actual plot of the book is simple, but it works in its favour; bringing the characters; Lucy, Tom, Em and Bob… and of course their Grandude… to life within the short story. I wish that it had been longer, though it is just the right length for a bedtime story - which Macca aimed for when writing it, “I wanted to write it for grandparents everywhere – and the kids – so it gives you something to read to the grandkids at bedtime”, he told Penguin publishers in an interview for the release of the book. 

For a first release from such a legend, both on stage and off, Hey Grandude! Is superb, and hugely enjoyable.

I cannot wait to read more of Sir Paul McCartney’s work - it was a pleasure to read, and a story that I know I will be reading again and again, and recommending to younger family members and friends.