Talented young singer Kelise Wilson

1 August 2019

14 year old,  Kelise Wilson from Lincolnshire recorded a cover of Billy Eilish 'Ocean Eyes' in her chalet,  using an app on her iPad. 

"I think you'll agree with us that she has an amazing natural talent," said Lynne Walker, lead teacher at Lincolnshire Traveller Initiative.   

Kelise has always had a passion for singing, "I can't remember not singing,  I feel like I've been singing since forever, as soon as I could speak."

She has entered singing competitions in the past and when she was 6 won a weekend in Yarmouth.  She said: "One of my biggest  achievements was pre-recording a song for my Grandads funeral which was his wish."

The self-taught young talent takes inspiration from Ariana Grande and feels most at ease when she's performing. "I'm really shy and anxious most of the time but I am most comfortable and confident when I'm singing and I'd love to carry on singing in the future."

Travellers' Times cant wait to see the next video from Kelise!