Join the fight against cancer by being symptom aware and attending your screening!

23 July 2018
Cervical cancer symptoms

Kingston Public Health has partnered with Royal Marsden to create these handy posters to help people understand the symptoms of cervical, breast and bowel cancer with a mission to improve cancer screening rates.

Cancer is a difficult subject, there's no two ways about it. By being more symptom aware and attending screening, you can take a stance against cancer and improve the chances of survival.

Kingston Public Health is working with Royal Marsden Partners to improve cancer screening rates in our borough. Screening involves testing apparently healthy people for signs of cancer. It can save lives by finding cancers at an early stage, or even preventing them altogether.

There are three cancer screening programmes offered to people who are registered with a GP in England, cervical, breast and bowel, and they save thousands of lives every year. Take a look at our resources on this page to get clued up on whether you can have screening, and share them with friends and loved ones - united, we can make a real difference towards reducing the impact cancer has on all of us.

Remember, whether or not you take part in screening is your choice, so you should read any materials you’re sent with your screening invitation to help you decide. You can also talk about screening with your doctor.

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