"Want help to dissect news and figure out what's really going on?"

8 May 2018
Fake News

Check out this handy Evidence Toolkit  designed to equip you with a toolbox full of gizmos  to help you dissect news and figure out what's really going on. It's being created as a part of BBC School Report, which this year is focusing on the challenge of fake news.

A lot of thinking around fake news focuses on how an article relates to other things – where a picture comes from, what the source of an article is etc.

The toolkit focuses on a different and insightful angle – digging in to the actual content of the article. Looking at claims and evidence and crucially how they are connected and looking at how well an article presents impartial, balanced assessment are all ways of probing news.

In the toolkit news articles have been carefully selected from recent media and teased apart to show the many ways in which evidence, claims, and objections come together into a coherent story.

Each article is then presented as a series of challenges for the user: Where is the claim? What type of evidence is supplied? How well is that evidence working? How well are alternative views considered?

Have a go yourself and let us know what you think!