Rose Lloyd is raising money for charity by creating and selling her own bracelets and key-rings!

1 February 2021
Rose Lloyd, keyrings, fund raiser

22 - year old, Rosie Lloyd, from Worcestershire, is fundraising again to raise money for the mental health charity 'Young Minds'

Rosie is working hard to break down the stigma surrounding speaking out about mental health by sharing her own personal experiences about the importance of reaching out and getting help in difficult times.

At Christmas, Rosie created and sold Christmas cards and raised an impressive £400 for the support service CAMHS that helped her through her teenage years. 

She told TT: "The advice I'd like to give to people suffering from bad mental health especially during lockdown is to keep busy and talk when your struggling. I’ve chosen to fundraise and support another mental health charity because I too suffer from mental health illnesses."

She hopes now to raise money for 'Young Minds' through creating and selling her own bracelets and keyrings.

"I think it is very important to raise awareness for mental health as a lot of people slip through the net and don’t get the help they need. One kind word can go a long way," she added.

You can support Rosie by buying a homemade personalised bracelet or keyring. You can get in touch here. She is selling bracelets for £3 each and keyrings for £2 each. 

Great work from all of us at the Travellers' Times Team Rosie for continuing to use your voice to raise awareness on this important issue.