Police dog attacks Traveller

5 September 2017

Shocking video footage has emerged of an English police officer letting a trained Alsatian dog savage a man from the Gypsy/Traveller community.

In the clip posted to Facebook the uniformed police officer is seen setting his dog on an unarmed man, in what appears to be an unproved attack. The dog viciously clamps on to the man’s leg for well over a minute as the officer in control drags the prone victim and the police dog across the tarmac.

The screams and cries of his children and family members are of no avail to stop attack. Whilst the savaging is taking place the officer is even threatening to arrest the person filming the incident.

Once the dog has finally released the victims’ leg and another police officer is tending to the situation we can see the extent of the damage. Having to cut off his jeans to get to the wound we can see the whole side of the victims’ leg has been brutally bitten and is covered with deep cuts and blood. The police say in the clip an ambulance has been called.

This appears to be over a routine civil matter. The police have been called to evict the travellers, the people in the video claim the have permission to stay on the land. Whether this is right or wrong is beyond the point. When did it become acceptable in modern day Britain for the police force to train dogs to brutally attack citizens over civil disputes?

We would very much like the family involved in the terrible incident to get in touch with Travellers’ Times.   

We do not yet know when this was taken but we believe it to be very recent.

UPDATE 1: The Travellers' Times contacted West Midlands Police who confirmed that the police officers involved were from their service and said that they were responding to an incident at 5.15pm yesterday (4 September), at the Old North Worcestershire Golf Course on Josiah Road, Birmingham.
West Midlands Police also said that although their officers made two arrests - no one had been subsequently charged.
The man remains in hospital recovering from the attack.
The Travellers' Times also understands that campaigners have complained to the West Midlands Police Commissioner and that an investigation by the Police Complaints Commission is underway.

Warning! Video contains graphic images and language that may shock some readers.