21st March - Improving Employment Outcomes for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller young people in Greater London

15 March 2023
Improving Employment Outcomes for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller young people in Greater London

On the 21st of March, The Traveller Movement will be hosting the next event in its Connected Communities Series at London City Hall, in partnership with the Mayor of London.  


The event will be an opportunity for organisations to respond to the recommendations of the Traveller Movement’s 2021 report, ‘Roads to Success’. Drawing on the findings of a team of peer researchers, the report examines the education, training and employment needs of young Gypsy, Roma and Travellers in the UK. Revealing how youth services are not being delivered consistently and that, at many levels, organisations and government could be working more effectively to support Gypsy, Roma and Traveller young people.


Pockets of good practice exist, however these best practices are not always shared, leading to what effectively becomes a ‘postcode lottery’ of opportunity for young people. Bringing together a host of organisations; Businesses, Local Authorities, Youth services, and Gypsy Roma and Traveller organisations, the event will forefront discussions and commitments to addressing some of the barriers faced by Gypsy, Roma and Traveller young people.


Delegates will hear from those delivering ‘best practice’ in the sector; Gypsy, Roma and Traveller role models, and vitally; the voice of the young people themselves. There will also be a panel attended by members of the Green and Conservative parties discussing the role of policy in addressing these issues.


One of the report’s recommendations, the provision of Careers guidance in primary schools, has now been adopted by Government. This event will be an opportunity for further progress to be made across the country, at the level of individuals, organisations and government.


Traveller Movement Chair of Trustees & Director of Learning, Inclusion and Skills for Derby City Council Pauline Anderson-Melvin OBE said:


"Following a successful inaugural Connected Communities event in Salford, we are looking forward to an even bigger conference this time round, thanks to support from the Mayor of London. This event will have something for everyone. Sector stakeholders will hear about best practice for Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller inclusion; there will be opportunities for networking between practitioners in youth, education, employment, and local government; and young people will have the chance to hear from community role models and speak to employers about their aspirations and career goals. This is not to be missed!"


The eventbrite link for bookings is here; https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/reaching-out-connected-communities-tickets-476369071717

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(Photograph: Traditional Vardo outside Traveller Movement Connected Communities event in Salford (c) Gemma Lees)