The Jesse Tree - a book review by Ruby Smith

4 July 2019
image of front cover of book

16 year old, Ruby Smith,  from Hertfordshire shares her thoughts on new teen novel The Jesse Tree. 

The Jesse Tree, by Linda Hurcombe, is an innovative tale of richly crafted characters, an intricate plot and a summer that nobody will ever forget........................writes  YTT book reviewer Ruby Smith. 

Right from the get-go, you’re pulled into the world created by Hurcombe, and immediately feel as if you know the characters as your own friends. Hurcombe does an exquisite job of making you feel as though you’re a part of the story, along for the adventure along with Summer Lock, Roma Gypsy, and Robin Swallow embark on.

The dialogue is always plentiful and interesting, with hardly any places in the book when you find yourself feeling as though the story is dragging. It moves on at a good pace throughout the entire novel, and my breath hitched many times in anticipation.

The description of the settings in the story are perfect, and create a vivid image in your mind with new information and descriptions being added with every page.

Not only was the tale well told, it contained lots of information. The inclusion of a Roma Gypsy character is a welcome addition as it is an under-represented minority within literature. Hurcombe has managed to capture the race superbly, and it was a treat to read this book.

Linda Hurcombe has definitely done her homework, and has successfully created a riveting and enthralling tale. I hope her work gets the proper recognition that it deserves in the future. I enjoyed this book immensely, and think that it would best be enjoyed by children between the ages of eleven and thirteen.