A night to remember

18 March 2016

Polly Worner is a woman on a mission and a clear vision to successfully showcase Romany Gypsy and Traveller talent across the country. She is the force behind the Gypsy Traveller Singing Competition 2016 which is set to be staged Live at Camberly Theatre this coming summer.

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Polly is herself an amateur country singer and a Romany Gypsy hailing from Somerset UK  and has teamed up with Andrea Shillington who will be co hosting the event. Polly is hopeful that the competition will help aid in altering perceptions of the Gypsy Traveller community

Music has always been a part of the GypsyTraveller culture and the idea behind the event is to encourage young travellers to keep alive old traditions and give new opportunites often lacking for Travellers.

Polly is passionate about music and she is excited to see where it all may lead in the future, the potential doors it could open for those taking part to be recognized.

The response to her appeal on social media has been huge and is a clear sign of the interest in the community and the talent waiting to be discovered. 

Polly said to the contestants "It is not about the winning it is more about the opportunity to perform on stage and show case their talents, there is a lot of unrecognized talent out there''

Polly hopes that it will grow and evolve into a yearly event as well as to secure a contract with ITV or regional TV

''I want it to be as big as the XFactor'' Polly Says

Would you like to be involved? Polly is currently looking for more sponsors 

Polly ''It’s going to be a night to remember''

The event will take place at Camberley Theatre Knoll Road, Camberley 

On the 9th of July 2016

Time 17.00- 23.00

Tickets Adults: 12.00 Children: 5.00 under 5’s Free

To get involved and support this event or buy tickets please contact Polly 07540 248666

Email: pollyworner@hotmail.com

To find out more about what’s going on and to hear some of the music of those entering the competition you can follow on Facebook - Gypsy Traveller Singing Competition