Rory age 7 raises awareness for anti-bullying week

17 November 2020
Rory Mills

It's Anti-Bullying week 2020 and we have been sent these lovely photos to raise awareness by Rory, aged 7. 

"I have a strong imagination. Always happy and proud to be Gypsy like my family. Before lockdown I used to wear suits and ties - bow ties are cool!, So I can follow my dream to be a paleontologist"  said Rory. 


Everybody deserves to be happy and have friends

"Everyone deserves to have a friend. So I offer my hand to stand by your side to help you through so you don't have to hide.  #AntiBullyingWeek

Rory Mills
Rory, aged 7 from West Sussex

Mum, Beth told us Rory was bullied at school for standing up for a friend and now he is educated at home. "We were sent the the Anti-Bullying pack by Tommy at FFT  mainly to keep Rory occupied, but he's as passionate about anti-bullying as he is dinosaurs!"   

If you are being bullied their is help out there for you - you can find information about organisations who can help in our Useful Stuff section here 

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