Young artist Ronnie Adams-Cooper showcases 'the wild canvas collection'

24 July 2018
Ronniw ith her art work

18-year-old, Romany Gypsy, Ronnie Adams-Cooper showcases 'The Wild Canvas Collection’.

Ronnie is a student at The Hereford College of Arts  and has just completed a Level 3 Diploma in Art and Design and, for her end of year exhibition, launched ‘The Wild Canvas Collection’.

The collection was researched and developed over the course of a year. Ronnie explored a wide range of skills including printmaking, video, ceramics, photography, textiles, painting and illustration but was not satisfied with the results and was determined to create something totally unique.

Her method for creating the works of art were developed from scratch. Starting with a bare wooden canvas Ronnie hammers in precision placed nails which are then symmetrically woven and connected with thread to create striking images of animals ranging from elephants and pandas to polar bears.

“I decided to create my own canvas out of wood and later found a compass under my bed and started playing with it and after lots of thought I decided a circle would form the frame of each piece” said Ronnie.

She added “The collection inspirations were based on three themes; black on white, wild and lines. I explored and researched the definitions and the types of art I could create from this and the word wild drew me to animals.”


'The wild canvas collection'
'The Wild Canvas Collection'

Ronnie’s journey to realising her talents has not been without personal struggle though. She had not always been interested in Art but her passion developed as a means of 'escaping reality' when she experienced bullying in secondary school.

Ronnie also has bilateral syndrome a condition which affects her muscles, memory and speech and the combination of experiencing both of these things impacted on the young artists mental health.

"I found art when I hit rock bottom, art was my coping mechanism I would lock myself away in my room and would just draw" said Ronnie.

Travellers’ Times had the pleasure of seeing the many and varied portfolio’s Ronnie had created over the years packed full of intricate and beautiful sketches and illustrations that had been born out of times of despair and anger

Ronnie is now stronger than ever and is focusing on her future and speaking out about her difficulties with the aim to inspire others.

 “If anybody is in a place where they wish their life would end focus on something positive a thing that helps them escape, that makes them happy, whether that’s art or even trampolining! Don't be scared, speak to people and know you’re not alone!”

She has strong family relationships and said she felt "lucky" to have her parents support through difficult times.


Ronnie standing next to an image of her late Grandad Donnie ‘Bull’ Adams a renowned professional boxer and titled ‘King of the Gypsies’.
Ronnie standing next to an image of her late Grandad Donnie ‘Bull’ Adams a renowned professional boxer and titled ‘King of the Gypsies’.

The young artists bright personality and enthusiasm for her work is contagious, she prefers to take a positive outlook on life declaring, “I don’t like to focus on things I can’t do but focus on the things I can!”

Ronnie keeps one piece of art from each project that she is proud of as a keepsake and she showed us ‘The China Wall’,  a large graffiti style dragon created for her end of year final major project for her Level 2 Diploma in Art and Design.

“The China Wall was inspired by me being born in the Chinese year of the dragon” she said.


Ronnie standing next to 'The China Wall'
Ronnie standing next to 'The China Wall'

Travellers’ Times asked Ronnie what her ambitions were for the future,

“I’m thinking about going on to do a degree in fine art or textiles and follow my interests in fashion. In September I start my Level 3 extended Diploma in Art and Design with a focus in this." 

The 18-year old from Hereford has already attracted attention for her work and recently sold her first piece from the collection for £80.

The Wild Canvas Collection is now on sale.  If you’re interested in purchasing one of the designs please contact

All the best for the future Ronnie!! 

If your a young person experiencing bullying at school and want some advice check out Kidscape  or if your a parent of a child being bullied and need to speak to someone you can visit BullyingUK.