YTT Youth Opinion: "John Connors, what a role model for the Travelling community!"...... writes Betsy Mobey

13 March 2018
Betsy Mobey

23 year old, Romany Gypsy, model and actress, Betsy Mobey tells TT  how she was inspired by John Connors acceptance speech when picking up winner of the Best Actor award at this year's IFTAs for his role in Mark O'Connor's film Cardboard Gangsters. You can check  out the memorable speech above. It has been watched over 1M times on Facebook alone. Connors sheds light upon the challenges he still faces as an Irish Traveller struggling to find acceptance and understanding, both personally and professionally. 

John Connors, what a role model for the Travelling community!.......writes Betsy Mobey. 

Not only did he talk about the ongoing discrimination against Gypsies, Travellers and Roma within the film Industry (which is meant to be accepting and embracing  to all types of people in the industry of creativity and arts). He also openly talks about his experiences with mental health issues, being suicidal and how his father god bless his soul took his own life. 

This is the reality that we all face! Every person I have spoken to from the Gypsy or Traveller  community knows of someone that has taken there own life or suffers with mental health issues.

Suicide especially in Romany Gypsy and Traveller men is continuing to rise and because data about our ethnicity has never been accurately collected due to, ignorance, neglect, non inclusive systems, no specific boxes for Gypsy, Roma and Travellers to tick or unfortunately us not wanting to identify because of judgement or far  worse. This means at present its almost impossible to have a clear estimate on figures for our communities and our experiences of mental health issues compared to any other race or ethnicity. 

We have been oppressed from day one and the consequences are still ripping families apart but change is definetly coming! John Connors, what a fantastic, inspiring man!

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