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Pipogypopotamus, also known as Pip Mckenzie-Borev, has published an 'Open Letter to Channel 4' about the latest series of 'Big Fat Gypsy Weddings'.

To read his letter head over to his blog . While you are there why not read some of the 50+ comments. Better still why not wade into the debate that this well laid out argument has created.

Travellers' Times highlighted Pip's blog back in September when he dicussed another of Channel 4's programmes - 'Dispatches - The Road To Dale Farm'. This is also available on his blog

He has written a number of well thought out posts that you may find interesting and entertaining to read and comment on.

UPDATE 21-02-12

Channel 4 have replied to Pipogypopotamus on the 20th Feb on their 4Views website (please note that comments are 'currently not available' on their page):

Read their response here


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